Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of juice can I use?
You can use any juice that is preservative free. The only ingredients that can be in the juice are the juice/juice concentrate, water, sugar, and ascorbic acid(vitamin c). The sugar content of the juice will determine the alcohol content of the wine. You could use something like carrot juice to make wine, but its unlikely to get very strong as carrot juice usually has a relatively low sugar content. I recommend starting with something along the lines of grape, apple, or cranberry. The juice has a huge influence over the end result. Check out the blog for experiments with different types of juice.

How alcoholic will my wine be?
It depends completely on the juice you use. For every 4.5 grams of fermentable sugar per 8 oz serving you will get about 1% alcohol. You can do the math. If you want a stronger drink you can add sugar, but be aware this will influence the taste beyond just being more alcoholic. The yeast provided can ferment up to 18% alcohol.

What if I still have a question?
Feel free to contact us!

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